Monday, July 22, 2013

Students Love Global Pen Pals!

Interested in setting up a pen pal correspondence for your students in the coming school year?  I've got some free resources for you that I used in my class, as well as some reflections on what worked well and what pitfalls you might avoid in this blog post. We used a combination of emails and traditional paper letters.

Depending on what technology you have available, and your own preferences (as well as administration policies) you can be more snail-mail oriented or include other tech like Skype and Facetime.  This is an experience even my more reticent students have been quite engaged in every year.  I hope your learners enjoy it as well!

In the zip file download I have for you over at Teaching FSL, there's a parental permission form, instruction sheet for students to use with ePals, a peer editing handout I used, and also some tracking tools that will be handy if you teach multiple classes.  I included the PowerPoint presentation that I created for a Professional Development session when sharing my experience with other teachers in my district.

I'd love to hear your students' reactions to this learning experience!

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