Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Break is Over!

Can it be?  Is summer really over?  It is for me, and for the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, if summer isn’t over, it’s coming close.  (If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, I’d love to hear how your schedule is or isn’t different.) 

I know my summer is over because I return to work on Thursday, Differentiated Back to School Vocabulary Packet for English Language Learners - FREEAugust 23rd.  I am super excited to be starting at a new school this year, teaching grades 3 & 4.  Stop by Raki’s Rad Resources for details about my new school, and to grab a super-huge FREE back to school differentiated vocabulary packet I have made for my new students.

Raki's Rad Resources - Journey to Morocco - Riding a CamelI know my summer is over because I have finished uploading vacation pictures to Facebook and my personal blog – Journey to Morocco.  My family had a great 2 weeks in Agadir, a city at the south of Morocco, enjoying the amazing beaches and scenery.  Stop by Journey to Morocco to get a glimpse of our trip.

I know my summer is over because we have a list a mile long of schoolFrench Workbook supplies and text books to go purchase.  Two of my sons are school aged (the third is only one) and they will both need school supplies.  The oldest is entering third grade (called CE2 here), the middle one kindergarten (called Maternelle Grande Section here).  My oldest son needs many notebooks and covers, pens, a ruler, colored pencils and we are also responsible for purchasing all of his text books and workbooks, as they are not supplied by the school.  Thankfully, my middle son only needs a lunchbox, book bag and water bottle!

Well, as the summer ends and the new school year begins, I hope that all of the teachers around the world are returning to their classrooms recharged and ready to meet the challenges our students present.  There’s not profession that presents the rewards of teaching, is there?  I am looking forward to using Global Teacher Connect as a way to connect with all of the amazing teachers around the world who make such a big difference in the lives of children. 

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources

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