Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Patriotic Field Trip

Aloha and Happy 4th of July!! On this patriotic day we celebrate our freedom by spending time with our family and loved ones.

This week I decided to take my daughter on a  Field Trip in honor of the 4th.  We live on the island of Oahu and we went to visit Pearl Harbor.  My daughter is heading into the 5th grade and I felt it was the appropriate time to take her.

The visitor center is free to go in.  The Arizona Memorial Tour is also free, but you need tickets to reserve your spot.  It was extremely crowded with tourists from around the world.

We arrived at 9:00 am, but the next available tour was not until 12:30!  The park rangers gave my daughter a Junior Ranger Scavenger Hunt booklet and it kept us busy while we waited.

This is the Tree of Life. It was created by the USS Arizona Memorial architect to inspire contemplation.

There are several museums here as well.  The Road To War Gallery addresses the political climate leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor. It explained quite a bit and made it much easier for my daughter to understand what happened.

The Attack Gallery takes you through the events on the day of the attack, through pictures, displays and videos. 

We then walked the grounds which is filled with historic pictures, weapons and machinery.
We then went on our tour of the Arizona Memorial.

You have to board a ferry that takes you across the harbor.

The memorial is built over the the sunken USS Arizona.

Some parts of the ship are still visible above the water.

Oil is still leaking from the hull.

It was a very humbling experience and one that brought many questions from my daughter about World War II. This was an excellent field trip for my daughters age and I would think all ages above. It really brought out her curiosity about history and we have been reading and watching more documentaries at home.

What resources or historical sites are available where you live? Are they free to educators and residents and what kinds of activities do they offer for children?

I hope this summer finds you healthy and happy and that your 4th of July is spent celebrating your good fortune and freedom.

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  1. I went there earlier this year and it was an amazing experience. I even got to meet survivors and that added to the whole experience. I would definitely recommend going!

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