Monday, July 23, 2012

Global School Tour


The school year is beginning in many places, and as schools begin around the world, the authors of Global Teacher Connect are gearing up with two different projects to share our schools with the world.


Project #1 is our Collaborative Project “This is What MY School’s Like”, which allows you to get your kids thinking about what makes their school the same and different as other schools.  This project will be open until the end of September, so there is plenty of time for classes just starting up to use this global, collaborative project to start out the new school year.

Project #2 is more teacher based.  In this project, teachers will take pictures of their classroom and/or their school and post them on their blog.  The blog may be your class’ blog or your teacher blog, or any other blog your maintain.  Please post a link to the this post in your blog post, and then add your link to the linky party below with your city, state, and/or country in the title so that everyone can see what a school in your area looks like.

In addition, all of the authors from Global Teacher Connect will be sharing their posts about their classrooms right here on Global Teacher Connect on their first day of school – so be on the look out for a peek into classrooms from Morocco to China to Canada to South Africa coming soon!

****  If you are a homeschooling parent and you have a classroom set up at your house – you are free to participate in both projects, we’d be glad to have you involved, and we’d love your children to be able to see what classrooms look like all around the world!  ****


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