Saturday, July 21, 2012

Do We Really Need La vache qui rit

how do commericals affect meal choices - lesson plan
No matter what country you live in, it seems that there are commercials all over the t.v. and radio that are trying to convince children that they need certain brand name.  In the United States, the majority of the commercials seemed to be for fast food restaurants like McDonalds.  Here in Morocco, the big brand name presented on the commercials is La vache qui rit – a type of creamy cheese that of course has many knock offs.  Here’s a commercial we see on t.v. here:

Whatever the name brand that is marketed in your country, the kids watch these commercials and convince themselves that they must have this particular product.  If we take the time to address this with children early, we build stronger, more responsible citizens.  When I was addressing this with my third graders, I decided to convince them that their regular old graham crackers were actually special McDonalds graham crackers.  This lesson plan will help you address with your children whether a name brand affects the product you buy.  Grab it for just $1 at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. 
What product do you see marketed to children in your country?
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  1. I had to read this twice due to the fact that I was laughing about the Kiri commercial. I haven't seen one in years since we got rid of the televisions in the house. But is huge here as well as SunTop and other unhealthy foods. FDA is non existent here. My husband has a heart condition and since then we have all been eating healthy and my little one going into grade 3 still brings packed lunches of anything that won't spoil by lunchtime. Getting parents on board is really a huge help.


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