Friday, June 15, 2012


I am back in the states for a few weeks. It is nice to be back, but right before I leave my life is consumed with packing. This time while I was packing I allowed it to inspire an activity for my students.

For many of my students, packing to go home is a natural part of life. So I created an activity that would allow them to think critically about packing while using some math skills. One part of math and science that is difficult for my students is converting measurements to the metric system. Even though many of them have grown up using the metric system I think it is important for them to have a grasp of how things are measured in the United States.

Another thing that I experienced before I left China was packing up my classroom. I never knew that you had to pack-up at the end of each year. My mother works in an elementary school and she always prepares her room for the next year during post-planning. I had to pack up everything. I made a packing list that will definitely help next year when I unpack.

My life is consumed with constantly packing and unpacking. It is fun at times, but not so fun at others. Have you had any interesting packing experiences? What things do you use to help in the classroom?

~ Jessi C in China
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