Friday, May 11, 2012

A Teacher Gift From Canada

Well, I've been trying to decide what to give teachers from so many different countries, grade levels and subject areas as a gift that they could actually use today in their classrooms.

I think I've come up with something that MANY of you will be able to adapt and use. It is aimed at the middle grades, which is the grade level that I teach at here in Prince Edward Island. However, it can easily be modified for lower or even high grades.

It's a Paper Bag Book Report with Rubrics. You can use it with any novel! I've also tried to save you time by including the assessment rubrics as well:)

FYI: If you're unfamiliar with Googledocs...

Go to File>Download As>Choose your file type>Save

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!


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  1. Says I need permission to get it.


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