Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Culture Clash–1st Grade Style

At the International school that I teach at, about half of my students are Moroccan and half of my students come from somewhere else, but happen to be living in Morocco.  ( I have students from Spain, Libya, Congo, the Philipeans and the US).  Because of this, I have the unique opportunity to teach many non-Muslims who are living in a mainly Muslim country.  This leads to some very interesting conversations – especially when they come out in first grade terminology. 

Today, one little boy in my class told another little boy “You’re going to the fire because you eat pig.”  (Translation out of 1st grade terms – You’re going to hell because you eat pork.)image

Well, needless to say this meant time for a class conversation.  Now, one of my Social Studies standards is teaching Muslim holidays, so my class has had many conversations about how different people can be of different religions and celebrate different holidays.  Today, however, we decided to do a quick lesson in tolerance that can be summed up in this line, (which we decided would be the response in our class if anyone said something not nice) – Different families do things differently, my family is different than your family, and that’s okay!

How do you address tolerance in your class?

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