Monday, April 2, 2012

School Holidays

I have spring break coming up next week.  I'll have the entire week off from school.  I was thinking about the other breaks we have throughout the year which include a two day fall break, a two week winter break.  We also have several single days off for various national holidays and compensation for teachers staying late for parent conferences. (Don't we do that regularly anyway?)  I'm wondering what breaks, if any, are had around the world.  Comment below to share how school breaks and vacations work for you.
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  1. My school is supposed to follow an "American" schedule, but I find a lot of my breaks to be different. For one, we had almost a week off for Eid al Adha (the biggest holiday in the Muslim tradition). We didn't have any time off for holidays like President's Day, Thanksgiving Labor Day etc., but we did have Moroccan Independence Day (which happened to fall on a Wednesday) and Ashora - the Islamic New Year off. We did have the standard 2 weeks off at Christmas and we're about to have a week off for Spring Break.

    My sons go to an actual "Moroccan" school, and their breaks have been very different than mine. They got a week and a half off at Eid Al Adha, no break at Christmas time, but 2 weeks at the end of January. Next week will start their 2 week long spring break, and then they will go straight until the end of June.

    Thanks for this post - I can't wait to hear other responses. I have been reading about schools in the Middle East where they have Thursday and Friday off instead of Saturday and Sunday, and in Australia where their summer falls at Christmas, so I'd love to hear about different school schedules first hand.

  2. I'm stariting tomorrow. I can't wait!